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Beliefs Drive Experience

When we wake up, and we understand the laws of the universe, especially the law of resonance and the law of attraction, we realize that our beliefs are the driving force for our experience within form. Now, beyond form, you are complete, whole, luminous, you are God. But while in form, you as a soul have signed up for some DENSE experiences of which you knew would be challenging before you incarnated and went under the veils of amnesia. So do not allow the unconscious human ego to tell you, "this sucks" "why am I here?!" "Why would I chose this!?" well, you did, we all did so own that first off. You chose everything you are experiencing Now. You are the creator and the destroyer of your reality. No one else is responsible for your experience but you.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, we can take full ownership of our experience, we can invert our consciousness inward and remember who we are, for we are the Pure Presence that allows for any of this to exist. We are the spacious container that makes room for a thought or an emotion even to be contemplated. We are the electrical charge that initiates gratitude through the heart space, and we are the distinguisher of thoughts and emotions that do not align with our True God Selves. I AM, WE are creators, not beggars.

So how do we "create" or rather allow in more abundance, love, gratitude, and JOY!? We have to become it. We must know deeply that this is what we are worthy of every day, every moment, and every second so much so, that we will not allow the unconscious subconscious ( THE BODY) to drive our ship any longer. We must consciously meditate on elevated emotions, practice gratitude, insert new thoughts, and lovingly and compassionately surrender the thoughts that we do not INjoy any longer. THIS IS TRUE SOVEREIGNTY. No one is going to come along and tell you, "ITS TIME TO CHANGE!" Nope, no, sir! NOW is the time to redirect your energy to that which you want to see more of, for there is no time. Time does not exist except for within the human mind. For everything is vibrating NOW as potentials within the quantum field, and it is only through our willingness to focus on a potential (a thought, an intention, a vision, etc.) that can shift our reality from the inside out.

So here is the deal, can you focus on a high-vibe potential even though your body, (which is a manifestation of your subconscious beliefs) is telling you to give up, moan, complain, be depressed, hate others, judge and so on? Can you do this!? YES, YOU CAN! WEE! Okay, so that is it! You have to be able to think (envision) greater than how you feel (subconscious programming). Because how you feel is a program, it is a circumstance, and as masters, we must IGNORE circumstances and tune to our hearts to embody the frequency we wish to see, which is LOVE!

For love is not something we are creating. Its something we are! And we are GENERATING this consciousness through our epic heart-centers! The open heart-center is how our higher states of consciousness enter these realms. It is how you embody YOU! The true you, not the limited, lack-filled you, the Godly you which is here now, not in some fantasized destination in the future but right here and right now.

To note: This can't just stay conceptually for the conceptual mind is 5% of your reality. The subconscious is 95% of reality! This is why we must EMBODY energy. We must embody what we are learning so that our very energy, our very lives are the print out of the Ascended Self, of Heaven.

So how do we embody? We have to align our thoughts, words, and actions with our intention. That intention could be to Ascend, to be grateful, to be confident, to be love, to be compassionate, to be forgiving, and so on. And throughout our waking day, we must BE FULLY PRESENT and align what we do with the person we wish to become and embody, aka our Soul, our Ascended Self, LOVE. And any time the old-self comes in, the old dialogue inserts itself, you must step in as the Master you are, shine the loving light of awareness on your unconscious programming and decide in that very moment if that energy stays or goes. And YOU DECIDE by shifting your focus, by elevating your body's vibration and remembering I have control over my circumstances, and I do it with my loving presence. I do it by remembering nothing has power over me unless I allow it to.

So lets practice tuning IN and shifting our energy, shall we!?

Ask yourselves silently or out loud the questions below, but please take time in-between each question to FEEL into your heart and to TUNE into your imagination.

What would it FEEL like to be confident and worthy?

What would it FEEL like to be Ascended?

What would it FEEL like to be in joy?

Don't rush these questions. FEEL, ENVISION, and ALLOW the frequency you feel while tuning in to take you over. Surrender to this new vision, to this new YOU and know that what you see in your imagination is real! It is you remote viewing a parallel reality that is vibrating simultaneously to this one here. To draw what you see in your vision to this reality here and NOw, you have to change your overall baseline frequency, which means you have to let the old you die (become integrated) and step FULLY into this new way of being and doing.

Fear will arise, insecurity will arise, doubt will arise; anger may arise! WHATEVER! Who cares? If you know that the old "junk" from the past would arise and try to take you over, would you still do it? YES! Ok, because this is important to know. That anytime you are shifting consciousness, paradigms, or frequencies (all the same thing really), your body (the subconscious) will display to you through emotion and thought your old programming. WHY!? Because it has to be purged out of you so that the new program can become downloaded or embodied. It's a cyclical process here in form. You die, you are reborn, death, rebirth, death, rebirth, nonetheless, you remain as the light of awareness, for who you truly are cannot change. Only mind changes, only form changes, ONLY MAYA CHANGES. But you dear heart, are not Maya, You are the Kingdom/Queendom of God masquerading as a human.

This is where true self-love and compassion comes in. The body loves compliments and praise. It loves to hear YOU, the master, adoring, praising, and supporting it into its submissive state as the servant. But like I said, there might be a quarrel at first because the old programming has to purge. Keep loving your body and positively reinforcing it just like you would compliment and praise your dog, who is learning to sit and roll over. Positive reinforcements GOES A LONG WAY. Utilize it and remember nothing is more powerful than unconditional love to yourself. It is delicious medicine that will scorch all those insecure beliefs you house within.

Alright, beautiful friends, I leave you now in love and abundance. Practice this, embody these words so that you can see first hand how powerful you are as a Sun of God and as the creator of your own experience.

I love you

I bless you

I thank you,


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