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Throughout our Ascension, we must feel our unconsciousness to heal it. However, I want to take this one step further and explain why feeling elevated emotions instead of just continually feeling distortion is what will heal you. So first, we acknowledge the dense emotion, the dense thought form, or dense memory arising, and we shine the Light of our awareness on it. As soon as you shine loving awareness on density, there will be space between you and the unconscious program. From there, forgive, give thanks, and grant unconditional support to this energy. Loving release it back to Source and from there consciously cultivate an elevated emotion such as gratitude to override and overwrite that dense algorithm within your body vehicle.

But how does practicing an elevated emotion such as gratitude overwrite an unconscious program? How you feel is a program, so if you want to overwrite your body's matrix system, you must be able to think greater than how you feel. Because, again, how you feel is a program. It is a belief, whether it is a conscious belief or an unconscious belief. This is how we heal, create, and shift realities in the higher realms. WE FEEL THE ELEVATED FREQUENCY WITHIN, and we dominate our realities with it.

And when I say "dominate," I do not mean lose integrity and treat yourself and others like crap. What I mean is to confidently and consciously stand in your knowing that this is who you are! That this is what you choose for your life and for your creation! You have to be unwavering in your vibrational choice. You have to abide by this new chosen frequency. For the longer you linger in the elevated emotion, the more you are signaling your DNA to express a new version of you. A version of you that is already created on a quantum level but hasn't materialized because your body vehicle is not a vibrational match.

Heart Coherence Meditation Practice:

So practice with me for a moment, take a deep breath, drop all thoughts and feelings, give them back to Source, and become very present within your heart space. If it feels good, you can place your hands over your heart chakra, which is right behind the sternum. Placing our hands on our hearts can assist us in guiding the energy to this center, and it can assist in allowing it to open. Now, keep your focus on the heart space. Notice when thoughts or emotions arise and gently guide your awareness back to the heart and breathe... From here, cultivate an elevated emotion in your heart, such as gratitude, Love, or joy. Whatever you have access to in this now, but practice FEELING this emotion within your heart. Breathe Love, breathe Light, breathe life-force into your chosen emotion, and surrender to this feeling. For the deeper you surrender to this elevated emotion, the deeper you will rewrite your gene expression. For the elevated FEELING creates the healing of the unconscious distortions within our Avatars.

Continue to practice this FEELING throughout your day and when you notice the old unconsciousness arising within your body vehicle, remember your intention, remember this formula of embracing and FEELING elevated emotions to heal the unconscious distortions within.

You are a powerhouse of Love.

I AM a powerhouse of Love.

Which means, YOU, ME, WE can handle anything this life experience throws at us. For we are LIFE, we are LIGHT, and we are the LOVE of this World. And so it is.

I love you

I bless you

I thank you


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