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Relationships on the Ascension Path

Updated: Jan 30

Oh, the topic of relationships on the Ascension path! A topic we all have questions about because relationships are where the rubber meets the road. It is where all of our work is shown, right? Right. Because its SUPER easy to be embodied, enlightened, and high-vibe when hiding out in your cave or spiritual closet, but what happens when you come across other Beings who could care less about love and awakening? Can you keep your heart open? Can you trust the Divine Plan even when your eyes tell you otherwise?

In a nutshell, you have created these encounters with "others" on a higher level; you just do not remember creating it from the awareness of the lower-self scope. But know every character in your film was put there by YOU. Yes, YOU. For you are the creator of your reality, whether you are conscious of this fact or not.

So every "challenger" in your reality is popping up to see how YOU as the Ascending Soul will respond. For how we respond is where all our points are! Our response shows us our current state of consciousness. Yup! The human aspect reacts, controls, blames, projects, and feels like a total victim. The Soul KNOWS that every encounter is an opportunity to anchor more love, light, and a higher perspective within form.

As Souls, it is not our responsibility to change anyone, even our kiddos, and loved ones; it's about us being the space of Pure Reflection. It's about us BEing the example of the New Earth realms IN EVERY MOMENT, not just when our egos feel like it. Does this make sense? Ascension takes focus and dedication, especially when we have families, and we are all vibrating in different bandwidths. Nonetheless, since you are awake, it is up to you to how you will respond. For your response is your vote, old earth, or new. You choose.

Now, I get the question a lot about kiddos who do not want to do their homework, or they aren't listening. So what!? I almost flunked out of high school; I played hooky, I spray painted my school, I never wanted to do my homework, and from my perspective, I AM doing pretty well. Not by the unconscious 3D matrix standards, but by my Souls standards, I AM doing very well. Because success on New Earth is not excellent grades, success is not being a teacher's pet; success is not how well you can memorize nonsense teachings you will never use later; it's about how much light and love you have embodied! Success on New Earth is how often you love yourself and others! Success is practicing gratitude! Success is BEing CONSCIOUS WITHIN FORM! To me, this is the true measure of success. Not the 3D belief systems of what success is, those beliefs were made up by beings who had no idea who they were, and they did not know their connection to All That Is.

Beloveds, this Ascension process means transforming EVERYTHING into the purity of your Souls Light. We are wayshowers, which means we are the minority. You will have Souls questions you. You will have Souls disagree with you, and your parenting, your teaching, your relationship style. WHO CARES!? Be the guiding light of the New Earth realms, which is love, honor, integrity, compassion, and A WHOLE NEW WORLD! Nothing like the 3Dmatrix. So if you are clinging to those old, outdated belief systems of how to parent, how to teach, how to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife, forget about it. Toss it out and reform yourself to the new light! To the new way of Being, which is PURE LOVE, compassion, understanding, co-creation, and Divine Neutrality.

Because I will tell you this, these kiddos coming into form now are holding more light, their DNA is activated, and most of them do not want to engage in the old, outdated school systems or way of Being. As a Starseed, I get it! That is why even though I was super sensitive and loving, I rebelled against the system and the status quo from a very young age because I knew I came to assist in reforming it. So please stop trying to put your kiddos and your relationships into a nonsense box. We are here to take those illusory boxes and say "BYE-BYE!" and create and call forth all new everything.

So parents take a breath. Take a beat. And fine-tune your vision. Be present with your kiddos, for that is the greatest gift we can give them. BE THERE FULLY! You will never get this life back. You will never have the same experience again, so cherish your little Gods and Goddesses and give them the gifts of pure presence and an open heart. For what better gift is there?

To my lovers out there who are in a marriage or just in a Divine partnership know that each path is unique, and will not be the same as yours, so do not try and conform your beloved to be just like you. For that is the old way of doing things. On the New Earth, we do not control each other, try to fix each other, or create unhealthy co-dependent dynamics within our world any longer. The new earth relationships are free, they are holy, they are integrity, and they are a form of celebration!

Meaning, each Soul is responsible for their inner work. For their emotional and physical healing, it's not the other partners' responsibility. We hold space for each other, we support each other, we care for each other, but we do not carry each other if that makes sense? This is us returning to our sovereignty again. Where we make the choices, we call the shots, and we decide who stays and who goes in our realities. This also includes choosing which beliefs stay and go for it is all up to you Divine One. It all up to you, for you, are the God of your own experience. Own it.

Yes, it is quite the responsibility to be an awakened Gridkeeper for the New Earth, but no worries, you got this, for your Soul signed up for ALL OF THIS before you incarnated. But you can pretend you are a victim, and this is all happening to you, or you can flip the script and realize this is all happening for you and your highest good. I will not tell you how to be a "good" parent or a "good" lover; you have to decide and embody that. You have to figure out what the best response is in every Now. You have to determine if you keep your relationships or not. You have to decide which beliefs stay or go as a parent. This is up to you! But as a guide, I can point you to where all the answers reside, which is in your open heart space. Right Now.

So stop wasting your time being externally focused and connect to your Ascended God-Self within your open heart and ask for guidance and clarity. Ask for signs and symbols to be presented on your path to assist you. Ask and LISTEN! For when we ask, it is always given, but are we listening? And when I say listening, I mean with the ears in our hEARts.

Tune IN mamas and papas! Tune IN Divine Partnerships for all of the healing, mending, and epic realities await you within your sacred vessel. For the whole multiverse (God) is within you Now. Tune IN and embody Source and see if there are still issues in your world.

For the light of I AM mends all, heals all, and IS ALL.

With love, light, and prosperity,


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